Coconut Lime


This candle is what we at OOCC refer to as a party candle. Wonderful fruity notes of lime complimenting the tropical textures of coconut will have you believing you're at the beach with this top-seller.

Customer Reviews.

When I first opened the twist off lid for a sample of how it smelled, I closed it up tight, and made my way out of the store in a hurry. I seriously had just smelled a goddamn orgasm in a jar. Holy hell this stuff was good.

Coconut/Lime is everything and anything lime and coconut you could ever want, times two. It has a very smooth and natural coconut and lime smell. I have tried many, many coconut and lime fragrance. From lotions, to perfumes....nothing has a scent quite as glorious as Our Own Candle Company's Coconut/Lime candle does.

What I love about it most is how the coconut fragrance smells real, and not like dirty ol' sun tan oil. There is also the perfect amount of lime added to the mix, so when it burns it gives off a very high note of coconut, and a very low sweet note of lime. I absolutely love, love, love this candle.

All Mason sized Our Own Candle Company jars promise 100 hours of burn time. I can agree with the statement. I got just about 100 hours, if not more. Overall though... working Monday - Friday from 9-5... the candle burned in my office for 3 weeks; being lit everyday, till it took it's last breath. Overall I got around 120 hours, give or take a few.The last does not end their though. Even after being blown out, the coconut and lime scent stood in the room for the rest of the night. Coming back into work the next day, I was shocked to be inhaling the scent when I walked into the room.Basically this candle will pack a powerful punch even when not lit...and my office is pretty damn big

Major love for this candle. I love how I can light it up in December, and have it fill my room with the scents of summer. It is a must have for those suffering from cabin fever.

By far my favorite scent out of all of the candles from the company I have tried so far.

At 9.99 this candle is unblieveable value , there is no other candle in the market that you will get with over 100 hours burning time with this quality of scent ,wht not try for yourself and see?

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